Sunday, April 10, 2011

Good news bad news

The good news: After many years, a book of Bruce Wrighton photographs has finally been published.

The bad news: It's a limited edition printing of only 500 copies available for $180 each.

Drat. Is this any way to treat a brilliant but overlooked photographer? Keep his work inaccessible? It seems to ensure that he'll remain forgotten or else known to just a few cognoscenti. To me the Vivian Maier strategy makes more sense. Get the work out there. Let the world see it even if it's just online. Why keep such a wonderful thing secret?

Bruce Wrighton's estate, are you listening? Share the goods please.


Stan B. said...

Thank you for spreading the word about this relative unknown. Somehow, from the little we know, it seems that Mr. Wrighton would have also favored the "Maier approach." I hope, at the very least, some magazine publishes some of his work and allows a greater portion of the public the pleasure of his work in print form. From the little seen, it certainly deserves it.

Blake Andrews said...

More good news: Laurence Miller gallery is currently showing Wrighton photos, and they've put a large selection online here: