Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Final Four

By now you know the drill. Results from Round Four:

Arbus over Winogrand, 77-70
Evans over Eggleston, 75-68
Sander over Atget, 78-59
Frank over Meiselas, 116-26

The bracket:

Round five polls are open for voting in the right sidebar through Tuesday, 4/19 at Midnight Pacific. I hate to be frank but can anyone beat Frank?

Speaking of photobooks, if you're in Portland this week don't miss this. I'll be up there checking it out as well as other Photolucida spinoffs. No blogging for the next several days...


Rowan said...

Wow. For me, each of those results, apart from the obvious Frank walkover, is a total upset. Sad about Eggleston especially.

Stark said...

And apparently Diane never rated Garry's work too highly - she'd have been celestially devastated to have lost to him in the quarters. Probably a good result, it's best to try and keep Diane happy.

Blake Andrews said...

I should take a moment now to tip my hat to Tyler Green, whose art tourney last spring inspired my photo version. Tyler is doing another tournament this spring (, polling the best post-war work of art. Check it out if you haven't already.

Anonymous said...

No Stephen Shore? Kinda shocked. Great fun here cool idea.