Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Elite Eight

Now that we've got March Madness out of the way we can devote full attention to the photobook tournament. Round three featured some nailbiters, with many final vote totals strangely resembling college basketball scores. Results:

Diane Arbus (self-titled) defeated
Helen Levitt, A Way of Seeing, 71-58

Garry Winogrand, The Animals defeated
Weegee, Naked City, 65-64

Walker Evans, American Photographs defeated
Robert Adams, The New West, 74-50

William Eggleston's Guide defeated
Edward Weston, Fifty Photographs, 78-51

August Sander, Face of Our Time defeated
H.C.-Bresson, The Decisive Moment, 66-64

Eugene Atget, Photographs of Paris defeated
Bill Brandt, The English at Home, 62-56

Robert Frank, The Americans defeated
Daido Moriyama, Bye Bye Photography, 87-45

Susan Meiselas, Carnival Strippers defeated
R.E. Meatyard, Family Album of Lucybelle Crater, 64-57

Here's how the bracket looks this morning:

It's down to eight. Now things should get interesting. Round Four polls in the right sidebar will be open for voting until next Tuesday, 4/12 midnight Pacific.


Anonymous said...

A Winogrand vs Franck as the final in sight ? ... Again ?

Anonymous said...

I see a final for Winogrand vs. Frank as well. And rooting for Winogrand. Perhaps this poll is about famousness after all, and famous street photogs at that.

Blake Andrews said...

My prediction is Frank over Eggleston. Todd Walker made some interesting predictions a few weeks back which have mostly come true.

I think it's true the poll rewards popularity as much as bookcraft, and since it is on B it skews toward a certain segment of photographers who generally favor street over more highfalutin forms.

themanfrombenaki said...

That American Photographs vs The Eggleston's guide is one of those things you cant really choose.

Todd Walker said...

Thanks for the hat tip, Blake.

Thrilled to see August Sander prevail over HCB in a squeaker! Sadly Weegee and Daido Moriyama are knocked out.