Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fed lowers B interest rate

I probably should've mentioned this earlier in the week, but if you're reading B on a U.S. Government computer I have some bad news.

Because B may contain classified information of a particularly volatile nature, the U.S. State Department has directed its staff around the world not to surf B. The ban applies to other federal agencies as well. Any government employee with a diplomatic role, including employees of the Defense Department, all intelligence agencies, and military personnel and contractors, are forthwith prohibited from reading, downloading, viewing, printing, processing, copying or transmitting B, either at work or at home.

Authorities agree: Ignorance is strength

Federal employees are not prohibited from reading news stories about B. But if they have "accidentally" downloaded any of these documents, they are to notify their information security offices. Accessing B or news stories about B may lead to sanitization of your computer to remove any potentially classified information from the system and could result in possible data loss.

The U.S. State Department regrets having to take this action, but it's with your best interest in mind that we declare you untrustworthy to be exposed to such information. Proper discretion has always been the root of the nation's security. The ban takes effect immediately, and no further questions will be considered regarding this matter.

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