Monday, December 13, 2010

-2Y +6M

In The New Yorker this week, pg. 89, is this photo of Elia Kazan:

I've heard of seeing the world through rose colored glasses but this is ridiculous. Shouldn't it should look more like this?

Keep the old-school color balance but lose the pink glow. Who's manning the color correction ship over there anyway? Just asking.


Anonymous said...

Mama don't take my (scanned and poorly adjusted) Kodachrome away

Anonymous said...

That would be whatever advertisement needed a M bump that was on the same form as that picture at the press. They only color correct the ads these days because that's where the money comes from.

Ozarks Nick said...

How bad is it I prefer the first picture?

I've always gone a little heavy on the magenta in my editing. Maybe not quite that heavy. But the second photo appears a tad too green to me (mostly in the black of his suit).

Blake Andrews said...

I may have overcompensated for the magenta and added too much green. It's my eco-minded streak.

Johanna said...

Either what anon no.2 said... or the scanner operator lost all sense of judgement through playing with the hipstamatic app on his iPhone too much.