Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ten years of Monthly Fallout

Since starting this blog a few years ago I've let my primary website go to seed. I shoot too much. It's hard enough to get it all printed, much less take time to put it on a website that can't express all of what I'm doing and that very few people will look at anyway. So I've basically stopped adding pages to the site.

One of the few sections I've kept current is Monthly Fallout. This section used to be called Photoblog (I actually owned the domain photoblog.com for a while) but that was before the spread of written photoblogs gave that term new meaning. I changed the label in 2006 to Monthly Fallout but the idea remained the same. At the end of each month I post one favorite photo that doesn't seem to fit any category, that I might lose track of otherwise.

A monthly schedule seems to suit me. It forces me to assess on a regular schedule, yet not regular enough to be restricting. I know many blogs post new photos more frequently, once a week or once a day, or even more often. I admire the effort but often these sites seem more obligatory than quality-driven. Someone gives him or herself the goal of posting every X-amount of time in the hope that it'll inspire more regular shooting, which I suppose it does. But unless you're a photo-savant it's very hard to make a memorable photograph every day, or even once a week. Once a month? Just maybe.

I think the problem with the daily photo approach is it puts the cart before the horse. Do you need to set a goal to breath every day? Of course not. You do it regardless of goals, regardless of anything. Photography is no different.

SE Hawthorne, Portland, January 2010

When I posted the above photo today on my website I realized it'd been 10 years since I started Monthly Fallout. My vision has changed a lot since January 2000. Hopefully it will be equally unrecognizable by 2020, while my breathing remains steady.


Anonymous said...

I've been enjoying this fallout section immensely. Thanks for posting so often!

Anonymous said...

Love it. I struggle with the "point" of my blog at times for the exact reasons you mention. If too many days go by without having something to post, I feel like a slacker.

Once a month? I'd be happy to make a memorable photo once in my lifetime...

SR said...

10 yrs may have passed but your eye for irony and geometry are in constant tune....great image!

K. Praslowicz said...

I do believe that a photo a day is often overkill. I've been running my photography site for nine years now, and the total number of images on it is currently around 250. In the near future I’m planning to do a mass edit of what I do have posted on my gallery page as I feel far too much it does more to hinder my current vision for my photographer by being scattered all over the place.
I can’t image the amount of self love I would need to have of my own work to roll out 365 images per year, and still think that they are all worthy of showing. I take into consideration the Ansel Adam set from the National Archive on Flickr (http://www.flickr.com/photos/usnationalarchives/sets/72157623296214442/). It makes me wonder if had we seen 220 similar images like those posted over the course of a year on his blog, for every year which he was active as a photographer, as opposed of the few well edited and expertly printed images that he is most famous for, would he still be as highly regarded as he is in the world of photography?