Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Those gasoline pictures

Dorothea Lange

Ansel Adams

Ed Ruscha

Henry Wessel

Robert Adams

William Gedney

George Tice

William Christenberry

Lee Friedlander

William Eggleston

Stephen Shore

Tod Papageorge

Joel Meyerowitz

Elaine Mayes

Martin Parr

Alec Soth

Brian Ulrich

Amy Stein

Zoe Strauss


pitchertaker said...

I have been photographing for more than 40 years now, and old and abandoned gas stations have always drawn my attention. Here is one I posted on my blog a few weeks ago:
Thanks for posting all the images from all those known photographers. I can use it in my classroom.


wrecklessgirl said...

this entire set blows my eerie for one reason or another. sad, for those same reasons.

Dennis McGuire said...

Fascinating stuff. You're a scholar for finding and collecting them and a gentleman for posting them. I'm off to find more work by Ulrich, Strauss and Mayes.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

My fave is Walker Evan's "American Gas."

Blake Andrews said...

Although this isn't meant to be a comprehensive survey, I did feel a bit weird leaving Evans out since he was a pioneer of this style. But I couldn't find a good version of "American Gas" online or any other gas station work by him. All the photos shown here are ones I found through various online searches, no scans.

I plan to make this a regular feature and am in the process of putting together another grouping. I'm sure that one too will leave out some fitting images.

Neath said...

Amazing set. Going to post a link to this page. Thanks!

Zisis Kardianos said...

Robert Frank's "save gas" picture is also a notable omission.
I don't know if that was included on a later post.

Blake Andrews said...

That was the picture that started off the whole chain, written about just before this post:

Gianni M. said...

Great set, really. And if I may point out another important omission, there is Route 66 by Andreas Feininger.

Gianni M.