Sunday, September 14, 2008


As is our nightly custom, our family was watching an old episode of The Simpsons tonight when for just a split second the plot arrived at this scene

That's Homer sitting in Moe's car at a drive-in realizing that he's blown it again and won't be able to use the train as a tool in an insurance fraud scheme, all of which is just a slice of a long story which isn't that important.

What's interesting about this scene for photographers is that it's a reference to this

Hotshot Eastbound, 1956, O. Winston Link

It's good to find photography seeping its way into mass culture.


Anonymous said...

A fabulous image. The "B/W photograph as historical document" crowd might be interested to know that (according to a NY Times article last year) the teenage models were paid, the car was his, and the picture of the jet was pasted in, among other manipulations. 56 flash bulbs fired simultaneously.

Blake Andrews said...

So this might be one case where photographing a scene took longer than drawing it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, not that it matters.