Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Deerhoof way

In my ears this week: Jackson Browne's Saturate Before Using, Radiohead's In Rainbows, Greg Brown's Down In There, and lastly Deerhoof's Apple O'. The thing about Deerhoof is they just don't give a shit what others care about them or how they come across. They don't care that their music is largely inaccessible, sometimes totally unlistenable, but with nuggets of genius buried here and there. The album covers are bizarre, uninterpretable, with no explanation about the music or attempt to interpret it or ease the way for someone coming to them for the first time. Most people finding their cd at a record store might give it a 30 second listen before dismissing them forever as just weird noise. And I get the feeling from their music that they're ok with that. Some people get them, most don't, but they're just going to keep making albums their own way regardless.

That's the way I want to make photos and it's the the only way, really, to make anything. Not necessarily obtuse on purpose, but made so that the eventual audience has no effect on the creative process.

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