Saturday, November 9, 2013

Top Ten Numbers Used By Photographers To Sequence Lists!

1. A traditional favorite, the number one is often used by top photographers to designate the first item in a list. 

2. Not to be overlooked, the number two is helpful when lists grow past the first item.

3. Three is often but not always assigned to the third item in a list. Some say bad luck comes in threes, but just try telling that to today's top photographers! Many of them use the number three every day. Three. See, I just used it and I'm fine.

4. The next number needs no introduction. It's assigned fourth position here. Some of the foreigners say cuatro or fire for four. Don't ask me why.

5. Where would any list be without five? Top photographers differ on many issues, but one area of common agreement is that such a list would have less than five items! I think you'll agree that you'd want to agree with top photographers.

6. The number six is useful when a sequence can no longer be counted on one hand. 

7. Are the angels looking down on this list? Because you know what rhymes with heaven! And so do some of today's biggest photo stars. 

8. As we move into the higher numbers the symbols begin to resemble infinity. And eight is an invaluable number if, for example, you must decide which of eight photos to sell for infinity dollars. 

9. Who says nein? We say yes! To nine!

10. Traditionally this is the last number in top ten lists. But don't underestimate number ten. Last but not least, this slot is often reserved for the punchline or sly rejoinder. But not in this case.


Job Willems said...

very very nice, mister! (urgent and contemporary too) thank you!

olli thomson said...

An outstanding list. Here's my one and only list: 6 reasons why I hate lists at

David Simonton said...

Leave it to B to lay out—so clearly!—how the A-listers do it: use lists so effectively, that is. I learned a lot! and am eager to incorporate the "secrets" you've enumerated into my own until-now-stumbling practice.

What I value most about your explanation—the thing that had light bulbs going on over my head—is that it's sequential without being hierarchical; something that's tripped me up in the past.

I may never be one of the Big Boys myself (let's face it, I don't have the smarts!) But now, thanks to this probing and timely post, I have a better understanding of exactly what it takes to reach the top.


Stu Egan said...

This is all well and good, but what if I need to write a list containing 11 points? I guess I could insert one between (5) and (6), but if you could clarify it would be much appreciated.

Blake Andrews said...

1. Do I have to do everything here? 2. I've given you a good start with 10 numbers. 3. But no, apparently that's not enough. 4. What about number 11? 5. Hey, what about 12? 6. What about thirteen? 7. Sorry, not my problem. 8. The industry's dirty little secret is that no one reads past #10 anyway. 9. But just between you and me, right after #5 is a nice little power spot. 10. Sly rejoinder.

René said...

Thanks for a good laugh haha

René said...
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