Friday, February 1, 2013

Doesn't compute

What do three photographers do after a long night of drinking? They pile into the nearest photobooth. Fortunately we were in Portland, where the nearest booth is never more than a few hundred feet away. These are from My Father's Place at around 1 am last night. It's an old school machine that spits out optical images with fixer stains (see George's face above).  

We shot six strips and these are the two I wound up with. I didn't notice until my head cleared this morning that they seem to interact with each other. In the top pair my arm crosses over into George's frame. And in the second set Faulkner's body somehow stretches to fill both frames. And the other two pairs match well too. Weird.

Now I'm curious what the other four look like. I remember them being great but I wonder if they were also interactive. 

One thing's for sure. They'll never appear online. Those guys don't compute. Sometimes I have remind myself that there's a whole wide world out there that doesn't.

Addendum, 2/7/13: It turns out Faulkner does compute. I just received the scan below from him of his two strips. Not much interaction here that I can see. 


Anonymous said...

Pretty interesting how the frames overlap, I've never used film in any serious manner and don't know much about the culture, I saw these amazing negatives and thought they were quite unique.

Was this a known fun little trick back in the day, or was this pure individual luck.

Blake Andrews said...

Many people have played with combining consecutive frames intentionally, including Thomas Kellner and Karl Baden. I'm not sure if it qualifies as a "trick". But combining them accidentally certainly involves luck and some other less tangible elements.