Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Most serious photographers enjoy using Twitter to network and keep abreast of current events. But let's face it, reading 140 characters can be a chore. Worse, it's a drag on the bottom line. Time is money. In today's fast-paced world, the extra seconds spent reading a lengthy Twitter feed is time not spent networking, creating photos, or sending out new tweets. A problem, until now.

Introducing Twi..., the world's first micro-tweeting platform for busy professionals.

Twi... is similar to Twitter but without the excess. Instead of 140 characters, text is concisely edited down to 14. Your time available just increased tenfold!

But it gets better. Twi... allows easy transfer of graphics along with messages. Send photos with ease! Any image up to 64 pixels is fully supported. Don't just talk about that great new pic. Show it!

With Twi... a prolific tweet like this
@breadwinner Shot a great pic this morning of flowers in yard, MoMA interested but have to clear w/ Steidl. Loving the new 60 megapixel back

becomes simplified to its essentials:

Just imagine the cool breeze in your hair as you fly through Twi... feeds! Your colleagues will drool with envy while they slog through their old fashioned tweets 140 tiresome characters at a time. Meanwhile, you're lapping up info. You're getting ahead!

Even luscious black and white images hold their tones throughout every precious pixel.

What are you waiting for? Join the Twi... revolution today. Or risk being left behind.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious - thanks for this one Blake!

I tried out Twitter recently and all but one of the people I thought would be interesting to follow don't tweet and the last one turned out to be an a-hole. Wanting to avoid another Salieri-moment I deleted my account with a certain degree of smug satisfaction.

Anonymous said...!!p!$$^%$^$![[

wow, that was such an overheated discussion... Not sure I have the skin thick enough to join the Twi... party.

Squit Meyers said...

Blake could you please put an option on your poll for "I don't have a favorite online photography periodical"? I'd like to vote but I have no clue what any of these are and I have no interest in finding out.

Blake Andrews said...

@jophilippe, Funny. How about bit.em/etwitter

Anonymous said...

Blake, watch out. Your last post looks like a genuine #tweet.