Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fruit bowl aftermath

Congratulations to Christian Davis, winner of last week's Worst Photo Contest. His blurry fruit bowl still life, which many including me found just bad enough to be pretty darned good, narrowly beat David Diaz Vallejo's runner-up, 79-75.

As the winner, I invited Christian to show whatever photo he wanted in a future post. He sent a few. This one is my favorite.

Taking Flight, June 12, 2010, 795 Colorado Street, Austin, TX

Christian writes: I have always lived in Austin and grew up in the central part of town. Many of the older buildings there are familiar and comfortable for me, having been part of my landscape for my entire life. My interest in art tends to gravitate towards the picturesque, and specifically focuses on nature. I have recently been looking for scenes and moments which depict beauty in the intersection of nature and my city landscape.

To get the shot with the single bird, I stood leaning against a granite building craning my neck to look directly up for over 30 minutes. Every time I lowered my head to rest my neck a bird would finally fly and the shot I wanted would disappear. Eventually a bird took flight while I was ready and not resting. It’s “art” if you suffer for it, right?

Nice work, Christian. Keep suffering for it...


Hernan Zenteno said...

I like the dove building sky shot. All of us are trying to build our skies like the dove in our shots. Thanks for share. Good that a bad photo drive us to a good one.

Moopheus said...

I think we need a photo equivalent to the Museum of Bad Art.

Anonymous said...

Moopheus - the museum already exists.