Monday, April 13, 2015

Selfie Stick Alternative Uses

Fencing Match Documentation Aid

Personal Mustache Groomer

Smartphone S'more Stick

Fake Kite For Calm Days

Canine Pole Vault Pole

Surprise Purple Laser Attack On Capitol

Vanity Mirror Extension

Unibrow Parasol

Personal Space Enforcer

Film Camera Disposal Tool

Humility Detection Probe

Kitten Spear

Hula Hoop Training Scaffold


Unknown said...

Hey Blake, did you do all these yourself? These are Hilarious! Not sure which is my favorite, but hopefully they all end up as s'more sticks soon.

Blake Andrews said...

Images stolen from various places online. Graphic creations mine.

Unknown said...

Awesome images, I really so inspired here.

Selfie stick

Anonymous said...
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anniemaria192 said...

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