Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Paired Au Pair

Chicago, 1970, Vivian Maier

San Francisco, 1960, Henri Cartier-Bresson

New York, 1954, Vivian Maier

Nan One Month After Being Battered, 1984, Nan Goldin

Chicago, 1952, Vivian Maier

1963, Carl Mydans

1953, Vivian Maier

Cabana, 2000, Larry Sultan

Chicago, 1962, Vivian Maier

Versailles, 1975, Elliott Erwitt

Date and Location Unknown, Vivian Maier

Luxembourg Gardens, 2000, Richard Kalvar

Chicagoland, 1971, Vivian Maier

Untitled (Biloxi, MS), 1972, William Eggleston

1976, Vivian Maier

New York, 1982, Lee Friedlander

All Vivian Maier photos from A Photographer Found (Harper, 2014)


Ariel said...

I've read your blog for years, but only felt the need to comment now: wow. Fantastic work. I have no idea if it has any meaning behind it, but the power of each pair and what it says about Vivian Maier is amazing.

CJ said...

All but one pair has Vivian's imagery pre-date it's more recognized neighbor. Did this happen by chance during your research?

Blake Andrews said...

I tried to make all the Maier photos predate their partners but HCB screwed it up. Oh well. One possible lesson is that she was looking for this stuff on her own, before she'd seen it in other photos. Or the alternative view is if you take enough photos, some subjects are bound to match. Her work is impressive to me, nonetheless.