Sunday, November 2, 2014

Hold still, this will only hurt a sec

Target audience descriptions for selected photography sites...

The Online Photographer: Older hobbyists with disposable income, 17 digital cameras meticulously shelved in the mancave, and a strong working knowledge of the zone system

Reciprocity Failure: San Francisco Peaceniks, conspiracy theorists, and the marginalized silent majority

The Great Leap Sideways: Scrabble nuts and Cunning linguists

Flak Photo: Olive Garden regulars

Prison Photography
: Pussy liberal softies and the occasional felon

The Photobook: Visual thinkers

Collector's Daily: Old New York money, personal assistants, and serious critics

Lens Blog
: Empty nesters in Long Island or New Jersey who must impose daily narrative structure on the infosphere lest it overwhelm

MPD: Potheads who think they're watching a glitchy movie trailer

The Literate Lens
: Photo librarians, their thermoses ever brimming with chamomile

Eric Kim: Discovered photography 8 months ago, streets are now a life passion, seeking affirmation in likeminded souls online

A Photo Editor: Madison Avenue

Lenscratch: Serial emergers who've attended at least 2 portfolio reviews in the past year

Chase Jarvis: Moderate gearheads

Steve Huff: Hardcore gearheads

: Thoughtful gearheads

: Prius owners

Photocritic International
: Windows XP holdouts who fondly recall the Golden Age of photography when Plebeians spoke when spoken to, and before this confounded internet had opened the floodgates to the masses

Photographs On the Brian: Photo nerds, deep walkers, and filtered 12 year olds seeking softcore

: South Americans, Midwestern Americans, and fans of The Americans

Paper Journal: The art crowd. Mustaches. Thick framed glasses. Matching $500 jack boots 

Colin Pantall: Incorrigible book collectors living on English estates

Concientious: High school debate coaches, Talmudic scholars, and legal buffs

Sean O'Hagan
: Connoisseurs and the jet set

Fraction Magazine
: Prone to sprawl naked on the divan gazing dreamily out the window, with laptop handy and door left ajar

Behold: Too stubborn to click on Raw File

Searching For The Light: New York gallery goers and Savant-ish couch surfing thirty-somethings who've seen it all

Lens Culture: Leave Aperture visible on the coffee table but read Smithsonian when no one is looking 

Street Level Japan
: Exiled Japanophiles

Peta Pixel: Wall Street traders, coke addicts, and adrenalin junkies

: Can't decide which is more profound: Tintypes or New Yorker cartoons

Instagram: Fameballs

B: You


William Miller said...

An instant classic!

Stan B. said...

Oh sure, sure- as if no one knows this rag isn't covertly funded by the Koch Bros...

Jon Lau said...

uhhhh... your link to me isn't working. Pls fix.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused about the Paper Journal readers. Do the $500 jack boots match their thick framed glasses, or their mustaches?

Blake Andrews said...

Buy a pair of jackboots. Then it will all be clear.

Dan said...

Spot on, Blake, putting that one on my CV.