Monday, October 24, 2011

Quiz #27: Uncommon Places

The first person to explain this map wins a print.


Tyler Hewitt said...

Places where Ansel Adams made photographs?

Hernan Zenteno said...

Robert Frank did a similar route but don't visit Colorado and Stephen Shore either. Mmm, I am lost in this map

Jim Nickelson said...

My guess is the geographical locations associated with seminal photobook titles - Los Alamos, Niagara, Tulsa, Denver, and so on - but I have to admit that I can't place all of them.

Blake Andrews said...

Nice work, Jim. Places whose names have been used as photobook titles.

Manzanar, Ansel Adams
Emmett, Ron Jude
Park City, Lewis Baltz
Los Alamos, William Eggleston
New Mexico, Lee Friedlander
Denver, Robert Adams
Tulsa, Larry Clark
Iowa, Nancy Rexroth
Niagara, Alec Soth
Paterson, George Tice
Greater Atlanta, Mark Steinmetz

Jim Nickelson said...

Thanks, Blake. Great list of books, of course, and great idea for a map. I was stumped on what I thought was NYC since there were so many choices (I was thinking William Klein), but I hadn't thought it might be Jersey. I also hadn't thought of Manzanar and was trying to come up with Death Valley titles.