Friday, September 24, 2010

Eccentric Concentrics

From time to time in my daily encounters with the public, people ask me, "Dude, what planet are you on?"

I know most people would consider this question rude and somewhat probing but I don't. I mean, Hel-lo? Could my planet be more obvious? It's not exactly private information. I was considering the planet question last night and thinking about round objects and what's inside them and of course everything eventually relates to photography, and I came up with this listing which I hope settles the planetary issue once and for all.

Photograph by James Friedman
Golf ball halved

Photographic practicing aid

Photographic lighting
Tungsten Diagram

World Record Photograph

Alternative Process
That, 1958-59, Kenneth Noland

Non-Photographic Memory

Photographer's Paradise
2006 Burning Man map by Lisa Hoffman

The Photographer's Eye

Photography world power structure

Pre-photographic blog post
Painted Rock Petroglyph site, Arizona

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