Wednesday, March 3, 2010


It used to be that when someone asked me "Where are you from?" it took ten minutes of explaining. The town closest to my childhood home is so small no one has ever heard of it, so I had to start with the nearest recognizable place which is San Francisco 200 miles south, then explain my way north. It was a hassle every time.

Thankfully the internet has changed things. Now when people ask I can direct them to pictures. It makes me wonder, is there any place on earth that hasn't been photographed?

Garberville Theatre, 2005, by Annabel B


g said...

Dude! You're from Garberville? Why'd you leave?

Blake Andrews said...

Top ten reasons to leave Garberville:

10. Seen one redwood and you've seen them all

9. Manicuring pays well but no health benefits

8. No problem leaving. You can always come back at any time and nothing will have changed

7. Living off the grid is great, but living off the grid sucks

6. Neighborhood Uzi count got too high

5. Dirt roads are to cars as bacon grease is to arteries

4. Could never gain access to climb Bear Butte

3. Slim opportunities for street photography

2. It was never the same after Murrish's burned down

1. You can't go home again

g said...

Guess that pretty well covers it. (Manicuring indeed.)

davidplechl said...

It seems every time I took a hitchhiking trip through California I would inevitably get stuck in Garberville. No offense but it kind of sucked. The last time I couldn't find a bus out so had to sleep in a school yard under a tree. Some kids found me there and threw some firecrackers at me. Scared the shit outta me, then I was just pissed. I think I hitched out the next morning. It always sort of reminded me of a truck stop that accidentally got turned into a town.