Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Animals

I was pretty impressed when I saw Giacomo Brunelli's current show The Animals at Blue Sky. Brunelli has an amazing ability to find unexpected postures and forms in the everyday world. That is the hallmark of a street shooter, and in fact he calls his work "animal-focused street photography". He takes his photographs during daily morning walks and his subjects are those randomly encountered along the way. It's all so simple really. Just walk around with a camera and wait to notice things. Have faith in the eye and not the brain. Those are simplest conditions under which to make photos, and the most difficult, and they create the photos I love best.

In traditional street fashion, the Blue Sky show is printed dark and contrasty and full of grain. Did I mention there's a book? Top-notch stuff. With an eye like that it's clear that Brunelli's been practicing on things other than animals. I'd be curious to see his photos of family or cities or even other planets.


siegfried hansen said...

that cat photo is incredible
good , i like it very much

Roadmouse said...

Fantastic work. Very inspiring!
I definitely want to get the book.