Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Upcoming Exhibitionist Opportunities

My post yesterday about Publication failed to mention the best part. Publication is accepting submissions for its next issue and the top submission will be rewarded with a copy of the classic book Winogrand 1964. There are only two types of street photographers, those who have this book and those who want it. In a few months one lucky winner will switch camps.

Closer to home are a few upcoming opportunities for Portland shows.

The Regional Arts and Culture Council is accepting submissions for a photography show in 2010 in Concourse A of the Portland Airport. The theme is aviation, air travel and airports. More information is here. Deadline December 1, 2009.

Newspace Center for Photography is accepting submissions for a group photo show in February 2010. The theme is "Carnival". More information is here. Deadline December 18, 2009.

Airport as Carnival. LAX meets PDX, 1964, Garry Winogrand

Lastly, for local photographers looking to intercourse with the art world in Portland and beyond, dfp.com has recently posted general submission guidelines linking to a wide range of exhibitionist opportunities. This is a great one-shot site which will help folks get a leg up amid the stiff competition of today's photo world.

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Tim Goodspeed said...

Really, ha?..."intercourse with the art world." I can't stop laughing.