Friday, February 15, 2008

Loose washers

My Leica made it two months before following the path of all cameras and developing a problem. That's longer than some of my cameras have made it but not quite what I'd expected. The whole point of spending on a simple, mechanical, reliable camera is that there would be less potential problems.

Oh well. The good news is that I can fix the camera, at least for the time being, by carefully rewinding the rewind crank 20 times between rolls, after which it works fine. Seem Bizarre? A complete description is here.

Score another win for the internet. Without an online community of Leica users I would be SOL on this problem. If cameras had internet access, the word in the camera chat rooms would be "Watch out for that guy! Don't fall into his hands no matter what..."

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J. Karanka said...

My om2 recently stopped working. I have two spotmatics that I use now, but both broke their lightmeters. A mate gave me an xa1 and another an xa. Good luck with the rewinding!