Friday, January 4, 2008

Six Degrees of Joel Meyerowitz

Yesterday I had another Joel Meyerowitz Deja Vu. While looking through A Summer's Day, I turned up this image:

It looked familiar the moment I saw it because last July I'd made a very similar image:

Cross my heart I didn't know about the Meyerowitz image at the time. Perhaps this has the makings of a game similar to Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Given any photograph, the object of the game is to find the Meyerowitz image that matches it.

In fact Lawrence Weschler has already taken this a step further. In a wide ranging interview about Meyerowitz's Ground Zero project, he draws uncanny comparisons between Meyerowitz's photographs and paintings by Vermeer, Bierstadt, Paranesi, Rembrandt, Hals, and many others.

Go ahead. Give it a shot. Any matches you find, please send them my way and I'll post them here.

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