Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ten blog exercises

1. Anticipate. Blog for a week with keyboard on 1 second timer.

2. Study. Watch your monitor for an afternoon without blogging. The next day take your blog.

3. Subvert. Write a blog post that doesn't look like a blog post.

4. Value. After reading email, you must wait 5 minutes before checking inbox again.

5. Downsize. How few words can you use in a post and have the words still be the post's primary subject?

6. Know yourself. Avoid writing about photography for one full day. Now books. Now time. Now the internet. Now yourself.

7. Attention. Set timer to go off every 5 minutes throughout the day. At each timer alarm, write down a subject for a future post.

8. Rolling Stone. Every post must capture an object or person in motion.

9. Habituate. In a public setting, hold laptop to your eye continuously for thirty minutes. Write post when vision clears.

10. Cause and effect. Use the post to provoke a verbal comment from a stranger.


bastinptc said...

Nice companion piece.

jacques philippe said...

Are you setting out your own blog-writing workshop Blake ? Or something like "training the trainers" ?

Blake Andrews said...

Maybe I could market it to people looking to buy a trainset this holiday season.

Honestly most of my energy these days is going into training the trainers of the trainers.

christian said...

Blake, if you can train trainers' trainers who represent different fields, you could be getting into cross-training.

Same goes for situations where you're simply peeved while doing the training(^3)

B said...

Love your thoughts on street blogging. Keep it up.