Monday, January 31, 2011

Ten photographers

Below are some recent photos of Oregon photographers. I was in the process of adding these to the section of my site where I keep such stuff when I realized that no one looks at websites anymore and that I may as well show them here instead. Maybe they'll wind up on the site at some point, we'll see.

I realize that many of these violate my recent space alien test. Some are smiling. Some are blank.

Whatever. I don't claim to be a great portraitist, and I didn't spend much energy on these photographs. They're just folks I ran into here and there. To me the core of photography isn't made of shows or collections or movements or equipment or rhetoric or blog posts or anything immortal. No, I think photographers are the core, so when I meet up with good photographers I like to document them.

Colin Andrew, Eugene

George Kelly, Portland

Ann Kendellen, Portland

Craig Hickman, Eugene

Sika Stanton, Portland

Faulkner Short, Portland

Debbie Williamson and Robin Cushman, Eugene

Gene Faulkner, Portland

Krista Wheeler, Portland

John Bauguess, Eugene


Unknown said...

So glad you put John Baugess up. He was my first photography teacher when I decided to quit studying English at grad school at U of O and turn to photography. He supported me from the get go, called me "fearless" and basically gave me the encouragement I needed to continue on. Then I joined the Peace Corps and went to Outer Mongolia but that's another story . . . Please give him my regards!

Eric Rose said...

No one looks at websites anymore??!! The traffic to my website shows steady increases. Anyway nice gesture to put up pics of your photo buddies.

Blake Andrews said...

I was being facetious. Of course people still look at websites but I think the trend in daily traffic is toward more ephemeral sources: Facebook, Flickr, blogs, twitter, etc.