Thursday, September 23, 2010

Parting is such sweet sorrow

After much consternation, I've decided to put my beloved pinhole up for sale on eBay. This is a one of a kind homemade pinhole. It kills me to sell it but I'm afraid I have to. Below is an actual size photo of the hole with a brief description.
Black pinhole with white body. Mint condition. No scratches, fungus or markings visible. All moving parts recently CLA'd. Aperture approximately f/250. Note that this far exceeds the smallest aperture of most commonly used lenses which stop down to only f/22 or f/32. This pinhole surpasses that by more than 200 numbers...

For a complete description of the pinhole including uses, accessories, and bidding information, please see my eBay listing, and spread the word to anyone who you think might be interested. Thanks!


aeolist said...

just lol

Droid said...

Phew!!! When I read the title I was worried that YOU were parting. That's a relief

cacv12000 said...

Nice bokeh!

phillhunt said...

Will this fit my Canon 40D?

Blake Andrews said...

Given enough duct tape it should fit any body. Be forewarned though that the use of any tape automatically voids the 7-day return policy.

jacques philippe said...

Does it come with a filter thread ? I want to be able to use it with my 10 f-stop ND filter.

Anonymous said...

Dear andrewsb4gmf,

What is the serial number of your pinhole, and is it a Wetzlar or Canadian pinhole?

- griv9

From: griv9
To: andrewsb4gmf
Subject: griv9 has sent a question about item #330476108613, ending on Sep-29-10 20:00:49 PDT - Pinhole
Sent Date: Sep-23-10 18:50:28 PDT

Dear griv9,

It's just a homemade pinhole, no serial number. I made it with an acrylic pushpin bought from Office Depot. Hope that helps!

- andrewsb4gmf

From: andrewsb4gmf
To: griv9
Subject: Re: griv9 has sent a question about item #330476108613, ending on 29-Sep-10 23:00:49 EDT - Pinhole
Sent Date: 23-Sep-10 23:23:31 EDT

Dear andrewsb4gmf,

Oh, boy...I asked a non-sense question and was hoping for a non-sense answer! Anyway, I really enjoy your blog. Cheers, Ian

- griv9

From: griv9
To: andrewsb4gmf
Subject: Re: griv9 has sent a question about item #330476108613, ending on Sep-29-10 20:00:49 PDT - Pinhole
Sent Date: Sep-24-10 06:10:23 PDT

Dear griv9,

Sorry. I thought my answer had a sufficient amount of nonsense in it. But in the unlikely case that it didn't, here it is translated into Hindi:

?? ????? ?? ?? pinhole, ???? ?????? ????. ??? ??? ?? ?? ??? ?????
???????? ?????? ?? ??? ???????? ???? ?? ????? ??. ??? ?? ?? ??? ???? ??!

- andrewsb4gmf

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Dear andrewsb4gmf,

Ah, perfect! Did you know that the first pinhole camera was invented by Alhazen (Ibn Al-Haytham)? I wonder if photography was considered terrorism back then.

I already have a Canadian pinhole, and though not as collectable as the Wetzler or the Office Deport versions, it will probably suit my needs. It's not about the camera after all.

- griv9

Blake Andrews said...

Unfortunately my Hindi translation didn't make it through eBay messaging. Here it is:

यह सिर्फ एक घर pinhole, नहीं सीरियल नंबर. मैं इसे एक के साथ बनाया
ऐक्रेलिक नक़्शे की पिन कार्यालय डिपो से खरीदा था. आशा है कि मदद करता है!

Not saying that Hindi is nonsense. But it is indecipherable to nonspeakers.