Monday, September 20, 2010

Eat Me, TSA

By now many of you have seen the new TSA security posters, perhaps here, here, or here.

I realize the U.S. government has pursued misguided policies on occasion but this seems beyond ridiculous. Is the guy with the telephoto lens scoping out potential bomb targets? Or perhaps plotting an overthrow of a small island nation? Or maybe it's not a "camera" at all but an anti-aircraft gun in disguise? You can never be too sure.

There is a crime being committed here but it isn't photography. The real crime is that threats do exist. But when security officials pursue red herrings like this, resources are diverted from the real task at hand. With this in mind, here's my response to TSA:


Droid said...

Yikes. I'd be suspicious too with someone wearing a dark hoodie in summer.

jacques philippe said...

... seems that Alec Soth have found a new routine to photograph in public whilst remaining non-threatening :

Alexi said...

Yes !