Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Year's Mad Lib*

Happy New Year!

It's hard to believe another year has come and gone already. The photography world saw many changes this year. Who could forget the monumental events at                 (annual photography festival)? Or the rapid changes in                 (social media platform)? Sadly we lost some titans, including                  (recently deceased) and                 (someone dead slightly longer). They will be missed. 

On a more personal note, as I enter my                 (color) years I value each one more than the last. Recent years have been very good to me, but                (year) was perhaps the best yet. In addition to teaching my normal load at                  (small liberal arts college) and chairing the board of the local                  (collectible item) museum, I gained good headway on several of my long-term photo projects. My                  (post-colonial nation) and               's                      (French new wave director, vegetation site) series are both going full steam ahead, and have gained good critical acceptance. For the latter, I'm excited to collaborate with                   (rap music icon). 

So those are going well. But by and large                   (year) was the year of my long-term photo project,                  (indefinite article). After years of diligence, including a steep learning curve teaching myself                   (archaic exposure process), hauling my                   (basketball score) pound camera through the streets of                   (Southern capital), and careful timing to allow for                   (weather event), this was the year I finally brought                   (indefinite article) to a point of closure. But the success of this project wasn't just about me. All the credit goes to the                    (ethnic group). Without their participation, this project would be nothing. Perhaps the most rewarding facet is that the good                   (ethnic group) of                   (Southern capital) view me now as one of their own.

Last spring I unveiled the project for the first time at                      (photo portfolio review). Based on advice received there, I invested considerable time and money on the best printing methods. The books were hand bound in                     (Eastern European city) with archival                    (Japanese-sounding word) ink. Production of the exhibition prints was overseen by                   (Latin American name). Both were made in limited editions of                       (area code). 

Since then both the book and traveling exhibition have been very well received. It received a nice review at                      (geartalk chatroom).                      (photo blogger) called it                      (four syllable adjective), and                      (online news aggregator) said it was one of the year's                      (feline litter size) best books.                      (Magnum photographer rhyming with "car" wrote "                    " (famous quotation). High praise indeed.

Yep, it's been a long journey from my childhood in                     (wealthy Long Island suburb).  It seems like forever ago when I began with my old                      (handheld film camera). Now I use a modern 40                      (latin prefix)-byte digital SLR. And finally the fruits of all my labors are beginning to ripen. 

Of course I couldn't have accomplished any of my goals without the support of family and friends, especially my kids                      (city in the Western U.S.) and                      (perennial herb). Their support was crucial. But I'd be nowhere without my rock, my partner,                      (food sweetener). We've been together                  (football score) years now, through thick and thin. During the lean years, when I was scraping together work as a                      (menial job) and devoting late nights to my photography,                      (food sweetener) carried us through with her job at                      (Fortune 500 company). Such devotion is                     (adjective)

I'm hoping the new year is as fulfilling as the last. My New Year's resolution is to                      (self deprecating humblebrag). Check in next January to see if I made it. In the meantime season's greetings to you and yours, and here's to another                     (adjectiveyear coming up!

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                     (letter of the alphabet)

*Print out and play as a parlor game with other photographers. Good for any year.