Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Off To La-La Land

Hollywood beckons, so I'm putting the blog on ice for a few weeks while I pursue my acting career in Los Angeles. 

At this point I have a handful of contacts down there but I could sure use more. If you're in LA (or, although I'd be less excited, the Valley), have your guy call my guy. I'd love to meet up to talk possibilities over a salad, kombucha, or latte. I don't even need a part with lines, not right away at least. I'm happy to model or play an extra. Heck, if push came to shove I could even help out with a Leica workshop

I'll be staying right downtown in an AirBnB on 7th. I'm free every day after Pilates at 9ish. Call me!

I've got the truck packed with the tarp on tight, and Chester with his chewtoy riding shotgun. We leave first thing tomorrow morning. I realize I'm facing long odds, but certainly no longer than any other young actor with a gleam in his eye. Cary Grant, Liz Taylor, Pauly Shore... They all had to start somewhere, right? Odds be damned. I'm gonna chase that dream. Here I come, LA! So stoked.

Oh yeah, did I mention I'm a DJ too? Killer sets, bra. Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Bars, Mitzvahs, whatever. A-vail-able, Hel-lo. Even old fashioned radio. My LA playlist is here on the left. It'll be streaming today 4-6 pm PST on KWVA.

On the off chance that Hollywood doesn't work out, look for the blog to resurface in February.

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