Friday, December 19, 2014

The Year In Photobooks

Palm Springs 1960
Robert Doisneau

Flammarion, 2010

England / Scotland 1960 
Bruce Davidson
Steidl, 2012

Tokyo 1961
William Klein
Akionagasawa, 2014

Los Angeles 1964

Bruce Davidson

Steidl, 2014

San Francisco 1964
Arthur Tress
Prestel, 2012

The New Cars 1964
Lee Friedlander

Fraenkel Gallery, 2011

Garry Winogrand

Arena Editions, 2002

 Detroit 1968
Enrico Natali 
Foggy Notion Books, 2013

Tokyo 1970
9 Japanese Photographers. 
Edited by Akio Nagasawa 
Amana, 2014

L.A. 1971
Anthony Hernandez
Silas Finch, 2014

The Rolling Stones 1972 
Jim Marshall 
Chronicle Books,  2012

1972 Seishun Gunkanjima
Hiroshi Ohashi

Typology 1979
Joachim Brohm
MACK, 2014

Preganziol 1983
Guido Guidi
MACK, 2013

Rodeo Drive 1984
Anthony Hernandez 

MACK, 2012

Bill Henson
Stanley / Barker, 2015

USSR 1991
Keizo Kitajima

Little Big Man, 2012

Looking For Love 1996
Alec Soth
Kominek Books, 2012

Lewis Chaplin and Ben Weaver
Here Press, 2014


Unknown said...

Hi Blake, enviable list of books. I suppose these are your most favorite of the books you purchased this year regardless of publication date. Correct? The Winogrand acquisition is very intriguing but I don't dare to ask how much you paid for it.

Blake Andrews said...

Hi Zisis. This list has nothing to do with favorites or books bought recently. Most of them I've never seen in person and I have no opinion about their quality. Look more closely at the title and contents, and you'll probably notice the theme.

I was lucky enough to get the Winogrand book back when it was published in 2002. Buying it now seems ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Surrendering to nostalgia once again.