Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Do The Math

I seldom post naked commercial pitches here but this one is too good to pass up, plus Missy promised me a cut for traffic passing through my site to hers. For every 10,000 paying customers I send her way, I win a brand new Camaro, just like the one in that picture of hers. You can do the math: 30,000 pass-throughs equals three Camaros, enough for myself and two close buddies to cruise in. Who says photographers can't live the high life just by doing what we love? 

Well, maybe Missy for one. She needs to buy more film and somehow get to Mississippi this Fall. So she's selling prints for a goddamn reasonable price: 10 for $40 or 20 for $75. That's almost as inexpensive as it gets for handmade darkroom prints. Almost.

I've seen these prints in person. They're the real deal. So is Missy, and together we're on a mission. When these prints sell out and you see me blow by you the next day in my three new Camaros, don't say I didn't warn you.

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