Thursday, May 29, 2014

Halloween heads up

For street photographers October 31st, 2014 may be a decisive moment. OK, I know HCB's photos may be old news for some of you. They sometimes seem too familiar for me to enjoy any more. But he's been on my mind lately. I've been reviewing his recent book Here and Now, and I plan to check out the show at Centre Pompidou next week. HCB is sort of like an old forgotten record that you can return to years later, and that sense of wonder is rekindled and you remember what it was that first grabbed you by the nuts and then wouldn't let go. 

Well, it's 2014 and he's still got a firm hold. So even though I've seen The Decisive Moment online and in libraries and the photos have been everywhere —we've all seen them a hundred times— I for one am looking forward to the reprinting. It's about time.


Anonymous said...

on a related note:

Hernan Zenteno said...

I never saw one original book. I would love to purchase a reprint of the original. At a nice price, I mean accessible to everybody, include we, the third or fourth world in eternal development. Roots, HCB is part of my roots.

Hernan Zenteno said...

I hate to give thanks to an Anonymous person but your link gave me some light about the book. Many thanks.