Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Map

Photo book lovers in San Francisco are in luck. Wayne Bremser has created a custom Google Map of city locations selling new and used photo books. I think it would be great if every major city had one of these. Agree? Create a local photo book map, send it to me, and I'll post here.

Also on the subject of maps, Jen Bekman's 20 x 200 today released a new watercolor map of Portland by Stamen Designs. Unlike Wayne's map above it's not very good as a practical tool. But it sure is purty to look at. And it does work in a roundabout way. Place a finger anywhere on it at random. You'll probably be near a used bookstore, at least a coffee house showing photos.


Matt Johnston said...


This may be of interest: About a year ago now I started a world map which invited the Photobook Club community to add shops, galleries etc that sold photobooks which they knew of. There are over 160 stores on the map and while it is not as specific as the above, I hope might still be of interest...


Blake Andrews said...

Great link, Matt. I had seen this before but couldn't remember where. So thanks for the comment.