Thursday, October 18, 2012


Just peeked at Google Analytics this morning, and I'm happy to report that for the 36th consecutive week, drugs is the top search keyword leading folks to B. After rising as high as #2 in recent weeks, farm animals came in a distant fourth this time, followed closely by the eponymous letter b. If this pattern keeps up drugs may overtake B's alltime top search keyword, Brooke Shields Pretty Baby. 

Maybe some bloggers would be disappointed that a photo related term was not leading the pack. But personally I couldn't be more proud of drugs, or of my readers. Keep searching for drugs everyone! I don't know if you'll find them online but they might lead you to B. And that would make my little heart go pitter-patter. As would certain drugs.

Top ten search keywords for, 11/11 - 11/18/12
Do you run a photoblog? Do strange search phrases bring in readers? Send your top ten to me. Let's compare notes.


K. Praslowicz said...

My top ten are fairly boring photography related terms like "Kodak Ektar 100". although I was pleased that last week "Jesse Ventura Predator" led the pack.

Blake Andrews said...

Good to hear from you, Kip, and timely too since your watermark post has sent a steady stream of readers to B. Judging just by Kip>B referrals the original traffic to your post has to be huge, in the tens of thousands? I'm curious just for the sake of comparison, what percentage of those visitors do you think were searching for drugs?

Ott Luuk said...

In the British system class B drugs include amphetamine, codeine, pot, etc. Deemed less dangerous than A (cocaine, heroin and the like) but still potent enough to be illegal. So I would guess this blog mainly attracts weekend delinquents and occasional users looking for an easy trip but may prove to be a gateway drug leading to a serious photography habit.

Stan B. said...

Three of my top posts are entitled: Tattoos and Headstones (a desperation post I threw up about bad tattoos and Russian Mafia headstones); a post picked up by a much larger site concerning a Dalai Lama quote (which as it turned out- wasn't by him); and another titled 666, the number on a submarine conning tower I photographed in mid Idaho...

Jin said...

I'm happy to report that ever since the Cindy Sherman post, clowns have made an appearance in my search terms. Such as "female clown looking up at male clown art." I can only imagine. What a stirring scene of clown love. Or domination. Also: "putting clowns into people's pictures online" - great idea for an art project.

Other good ideas: "prime people to think they are old," "you can't photograph if you're not in love" and "bull sperm extraction." What did I do to deserve that last one? Maybe they were looking for this:
Bull Semen: The Latest Hair Miracle
. I don't even think it's a joke. Cheers (no innuendo intended) - here's to you getting some bull traffic like the rest of us.