Friday, October 15, 2010

"This project does have some difficulties."

If you're not happy with current SLR offerings, I guess you could always build your own. Denis MO's project is pretty mind-blowing. "My project consists in creating a 24x36mm reflex all by myself, no more, no less. I have had this project in mind for the past 25 years, but I didn’t master the technique nor did I have the knowledge necessary to complete it until now (I’m almost 42)." Impressive on many levels.

For a more detailed explanation and many more photos, look here.


Droid said...

Admirable! But nothing can compare to Miroslav Tichy's homemade camera.

Scroll to the bottom.

Blake Andrews said...

Tichy's is what you'd expect a homemade camera to look like. That's why the precise Denis MO is so cool in comparison.

Anonymous said...

Not really useful but well crafted anyhow are theses self-made cameras: