Friday, August 27, 2010

Extended Forecast

Mostly 1/125th at f/5.6 in the morning, then partly 1/250th at f/8 in the afternoon. 30% Chance of 1/250th at f/11.

Friday Night
Mostly 1/60th at f/4, becoming dimmer into evening.

Mostly 1/125th at f/11 with slight chance of showers. Northwest wind 10 mph.

Saturday Night
Partly 1/60th at f/5.6...then mostly 1/30th at f/2.

Perfect lightbox, 1/250th at f/11, no harsh shadows, well saturated colors.

Sunday Night
1/30th at f/5.6, occasional flurries of f/8.

Sunny 16 all day.

Monday Night
Moony 16 with scattered long exposures.

Patchy morning fog, then partly 1/500th at f/8 diminishing to f/4 by evening.

Tuesday Night
20% chance of shooting something interesting if you can find anyone out on a Tuesday night.

f/8 and be there.


MartinH said...

Check forecast on Friday afternoon:

Saturday: Rain all day
Sunday: Sunny

So go out with mates on Friday night, crawl out of bed next day at midday. Weather turns out to be sunny but too hungover to go out.

Sunday: rain

Weekend wasted.

Blake Andrews said...

Translation: 2 f/d 2 shoot

pdrolopz said...

made me smile recently got out of bed, thank you mr B.

here, in Benicarló [spain]

Sunny... f16 all day. [like almost every day]

Nathan Black said...

This needs to be an app. I would buy it in a heart beat.