Saturday, August 8, 2009

What To Do? #39

Grind coffee:

Make a geometric woodcut:

Check out your kid:

Turn the bass into a ride:


These photos of my dad are from forty years ago during the summer of 1969. They were taken by my mom with an unknown square format camera.


Francesco Gallarotti said...

I discovered your blog just today and it was the best thing that could happen today. I am in a very weird mental state today, due to a death in my wife's family and I was here, in my living room, uncomfortably numb, browsing through some of my favorite photographers portfolios.
I found your link from Matt Stuart's portfolio website and I have been reading a few articles of yours and found myself actually "reading" not just F-scanning the pages. I especially liked your tribute to negativity and I wish you explored that idea a little more... maybe you should open a website, were people can critique - hopefully objectively - the gazillions of people like me that dare calling their snapshots "photographs". I'd pay money for a good critique, a good constructive negative review.

Anyways, I comment on this particular post because I really liked the first picture of your dad, the one where he is grinding coffee. there is something almost Japanese about the way he dresses and stand there with the grinder on the wall like that and the washer in the back. They are not technically great pictures but they carry so much weight within them that often I find family pictures being the best pictures ever. And no, I am not trying to be nice :)

jkl said...

Oh man. I love every single one of these. What a cool series!

These photos remind me why I love photography.

Carsten said...

I like these old pictures. They have 'something'.
My mother had a Kodak Instamatic 24x24 mm - or 1"x1"? those days but shot too few pictures. I guess the film and processing was relatively expensive.

photo editing services said...

A great series of photos! The older film really had some interesting toning!