Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bloggus Interruptus

Mykonos, Greece, 1981
from the series Pictus Interruptus by Ray Metzker

After a brief but wonderful run which I lauded last summer, it appears that Chas Bowie's That's a Negative has followed the path of Tim Atherton's Muse-ings and Alec Soth's blog into longterm dormancy. I'm not sure what's going on with Chas. When I ran into him at a Lightleak meeting in August he made no mention of any changes to the blog. I hope to see it resume at some point. He's a talented critic.

On the topic of dormant blogs, all of you photobloggers out there please feel free to remove Alec Soth's blog from your blogrolls. It was great while it lasted but he's not coming back. Chop chop, stay current.


Anonymous said...

Alec is back. Editing the Magnum blog.


Blake Andrews said...

Thanks, China Plate. I suspected he would resurface at some point. Magnum Blog seems more interesting now. I've added them to my blogroll.

Chris Bennett said...

Chas is assistant director at Quality Pictures now. This either takes up too much time so he has none to blog or he is now spiritually fulfilled and no longer needs to blog.