Saturday, October 25, 2008

Another political shot taken out of context

Photo by Callie Shell for Time Magazine

In the wake of revelations that the GOP spent $150K on Sarah Palin's wardrobe and that her makeup artist was the highest paid member of the McCain/Palin staff last month ($22,000 for one month's work), I thought the photo above was especially telling.

As far as personal grooming I am in the worn-out soles camp. Over the past five years I've spent $10 on wardrobe (I bought a T-shirt at a concert a few years ago, otherwise I depend on holiday gifts for clothing) and $0 on hair and makeup (I went without a haircut for about 3 years before using clippers to give myself a buzz every few months). So when I see a photo like that, I can relate.

Sorry to get political again. I'm as sick of electioneering as everyone and I will be glad when all of the campaigning is over. But until then I'll assume free license to post political pix. After all, it's pretty rare that I get to vote for someone who actually might win so I may as well revel in the moment, no?

Just out of curiosity are there any photographers out there, or any artists at all, voting for McCain?


Anonymous said...

Absolutely. I'm voting for McCain. Actually, scratch that. I'm voting against Obama. Unfortunately, we don't have a true conservative candidate, but McCain will have to be close enough.

Anonymous said...

You have to love the anonymous McCain voters.

Anonymous said...

Any particular reason why that's not allowed here, "china plate"? I wouldn't exactly call that signing your name. Oh, and sorry I have an opinion. I guess we can't all be right like you guys. Heil Obama... is that better?

Blake Andrews said...

I think it's fine to comment anonymously. After all the secret ballot voting system is, I think rightfully, rooted in anonymity. So it's fine for political comments to reflect that.