Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Selections from Libra

The photos below are from Libra by Portland photographer Rich Rollins.

Rich taught the first and only formal photo class I've ever taken back in 1993, and later I sat in on several photo history courses he taught at a local university. He's a wonderful and knowledgeable teacher.

I've bumped into him occasionally over the years, and he's sometimes made reference to his huge collection of Diana shots compiled over four decades which he has been trying to edit into a book. At one point he had to stop shooting new photos in order to deal with editing. I remember when he said this because it seemed like such a radical step, but worthwhile as it turned out. The editing has paid off and the book is nearly done. Here's a small taste.

There'll be no blogging for several days as I investigate Vancouver.


Marilyn Andrews said...

I think that Rich Rollins has had a huge influence on your work.

Blake Andrews said...

He's definitely been a general influence but as far as this specific body of work goes, not really. Until last week I hadn't seen it.