Monday, May 9, 2011

Two views fight to the death

Spotted last night researching Fred Herzog photos:

Sign of Good Taste, Portland, 1959, Fred Herzog

Found five minutes later via Google Streetview:

Looking West, SW 2nd Ave between Alder and Washington, Portland

Sometimes I can't decide if all this information at my fingertips is exciting or depressing. What's left to explore? Nothing. Everything...


jacques philippe said...

Correct link is:

Blake Andrews said...

Thanks, Jacques. The link is fixed.

From John Goldsmith:

Herzog also shot in Mexico so you might as well as cross that off your list as well. ;) I hear ya, though. There are a lot of mysteries for me with regards to Herzog and Vancouver.

On the subject of where Herzog shot, the writer for Herzog's Vancouver Photographs book talked about one of his more recent pictures. I found this quite humorous because the writer made mention that he didn't know where the photograph was taken. I'd quote the paragraph but my book is packed away in Vancouver at the moment. But anyone familiar with Vancouver (tourists included!) should know exactly where it was taken and it was surprising that the person penned to discuss Herzog didn't realize that the location was only ONE block from the Vancouver Art Gallery which is the organization who commissioned the book for their 2007 exhibit. He really should have chosen a better pic to make his point.

Anyway.. one photo location I'm curious about
is the shot through his home window. We know that it was taken on "Harwood St" in Vancouver's West End but there isn't anymore evidence that that -- the title of the photograph. I'd like to know where he lived but we're missing an address or at least a cross street. The home is in the West End. That about all I can narrow down. You can see the pic here:

As Gary Hubbs said on your other post, a little searching would be rewarding and not too difficult. I don't think he Vancouver coverage is spread too wide. Mostly he shot downtown, Gastown/Downtown Eastside/Strathcona areas and along Main St. Of course, there are others, but I'm speaking in mostly walking distances.

For example, at Main & Hastings, you can easily find this photo which is here. That said, the area, while it still looks similar today, is fairly daunting for photographers as you'll be situated in one of Canada's poorest neighborhoods. It's relatively safe but people who live on the Downtown Eastside along Hastings St are sensitive about having photographs taken by visitors. I'm not saying you shouldn't -- just be wary -- and tuck your camera away when you are not using it.

Also, another photo that I like from Portland is the following. I saw it much bigger and this little picture doesn't do it justice:

Anonymous said...

The photo of the guy with the bandage is in the gallery catalogue from Fred's last show. It's a great buy at only $10 so anyone interested in Fred's work might want to pick one up.

Stu Egan said...

"What's left to explore? Nothing. Everything..."

Google Street View is proof, if it were even needed, that every single spot on earth will appear differently to the next camera-wielder that stands there or drives/cycles/cartwheels past. So I look forward to your photos from the same locations.

I actually prefer the Google cameraman's take to Herzog's.

(Just kidding.)

Blake Andrews said...

I'm starting to think I don't even need to visit Vancouver. Maybe I should just stay home and rephotograph through my computer.

Anonymous said...

Blake you'd be a hell of a lot drier if you did stay home. The forecast is for sun on Friday and rain until August.

John Goldsmith said...

Well, Blake, if we've spoiled your Herzog sites, you can always hunt down those from Jeff Wall. Though I'm pretty sure we got those nailed down, too. ;)

Hope you had a great visit.