Friday, May 6, 2011

• Dotscapes •

Blue dots on the map are pictures taken by locals. Red dots are pictures taken by tourists. Yellow dots are pictures where it can't be determined whether or not the photographer was a tourist.

—Photo-taking patterns in Portland, Oregon from Eric Fischer's Locals and Tourists

Dark purple clusters represent recent Portland transplants with MFAs working as baristas.

Green dots represent people who've accidentally taken a photo by sitting on their iPhone.

Magenta dots represent iPhones sitting on people purposefully.

Colored flecks represent color film grain in Fuji Fujicolor Reala, 100 ASA.

—from the series Films, Paul Graham, 2011, described at Mackbooks

White dots represent a starmap referring to the time and place of a famous photograph.

—from Lisa Oppenheim's 100 Photographs Project described at iheartphotograph

White dots represent anywhere palm-lines cross on hands, scanned and inverted to look like stars.

—from Caleb Charland's Fathom and Fray, currently showing at Michael Mazzeo Gallery in New York.

White dots represent city lights at night in Southeast Asia.

—found at Cseashawaii

Flecks represent greatly enlarged black and white film grain.

—from Photomicrographs by Jerry Spagnoli

White dots represent sunlight shining through lifesize pinholed silhouette onto chromogenic paper.

—Photo by Christopher Bucklow

Yellow dots represent clusters of McDonald's restaurants.

—from Datapointed

Black dots symbolize disease.

—by Yayoi Kusama via BoingBoing

Dot sign represents the shop that processes my color film.

—Photo by Van Cooley

Red dots represent where I'm going this weekend. . . .

Centered black dot represents the end of this post.


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I think maybe you've gone a bit dotty.

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Dottastic, Dot Dotson!

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Let's the dotty imagination do the rest...