Monday, April 25, 2011

Wrong place wrong time

(Once again I think my cynical streak may have gotten the better of me. I intended this post originally as a sarcastic commentary about Twitter, the 24 hour news cycle, and desert islands, but —as my wife quickly pointed out to me— it may have been crossed the line by dredging up hurtful memories. I've removed the original text and I apologize to anyone offended.)

West of Ajdabiyah, Libya, April 14, 2011, Chris Hondros/Getty Images


Anonymous said...

Jeez... I stumbled upon your post last night before you edited it, and after reading it I thought "What the heck is in the wrong place at the wrong time ?" and thought I finally got some sort of satisfying answer.

But I must confess (very ashamed) that the first vision that came into my mind was that of a bearded Blake Andrews coming out of the room where he keeps his photographic work, having spent more than a week recluse with his images, which supposedly could have been the right place at the not-so-wrong time.

RIP Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros

Blake Andrews said...

Well I wrote the post ambiguously so that it could be taken either way. It was sort of a reaction to the huge drumbeat of news following their deaths. After reading about 300 news clips and Facebook blurbs I wondered, who is writing these? Is there anyone out there for whom this is still news? So I decided to play out the role, waiting a week to act like that person, someone who is sincerely clueless, to see what the reaction would be, and also to feed my desert island persona. But it came off wrong. Wrong story, wrong place, wrong time.

Cary Conover said...

I'm with Jacques, your original intent went way over my head. In fact, I thought it was simply an RSS error, a glitch that delayed the post's arrival in my Google Reader by a week. Glad you clarified.

Blake Andrews said...

Well that's even better since any interpretation that adds to the confusion is a plus. There are usually at least 3 subtexts in any of my posts, including this comment.

Blake Andrews said...

Herman Zenteno posts related thoughts here: