Tuesday, April 12, 2011


The coop strategy is working. Last week's top keywords referring searchers to B:

As you can see most blog visitors find me accidentally while looking for chicken coops, so I feel I'm really making strides toward capturing that market segment, not to mention the all important drugs/vomit demographic.

If you've stumbled on B while looking for chicken coop photos, you're in luck. The coop is done and I have pix. Here's the Duane Michals tour:


Anonymous said...

excellent coop and terrific post (esp dig the homage to Michals)

george lechat said...

Jesus. You weren't kidding.

Marilyn Andrews said...

Nice coop!

Mette said...

Funny - I was just trying to get some inspiration from photografers abroad, but then I actually found something usefull (other than inspiration) I will try to do the same in easter :)