Monday, April 12, 2010

Various Photo Book Doppelgängers

American Pictures
Jeff Dunas, Jacob Holdt, Peter Sakaer

The Animals
Giacomo Brunelli, Garry Winogrand

Drive-By Shooting(s)
Max Forsythe, David Bradford

Richard Avedon, Mona Kuhn, Luc Sante, Larry Sultan & Mike Mandel

JH Engstrom, Christopher Rauschenberg

Ray Metzker, Burk Uzzle

Living Proof
D.A. Harvey, Carolyn Jones

On The Beach
Richard Misrach, Elliott Erwitt

Self Portrait
Lee Friedlander, Man Ray

Time Frames
Michael Spano, Michael Lesy

Mitch Epstein, Helmut Newton

These are just a few examples. What others can you think of? Feel free to post them in the comments.