Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Congratulations to Bryan Wolf, the winner of last week's quiz. Mr. Wolf connected Mary Ellen Mark and Thomas Jefferson in two steps using the following photos:

Toni Morrison, Manhattan, 1988, by Mary Ellen Mark

Thomas Jefferson by Charles Bird King (1785-1862), after Gilbert Stuart, Oil on panel, 1836

Yeah, I know it's kind of a stretch. But I think the link is strong enough to qualify. Maybe it's the bleached out cheeks. Or maybe it's that Bryan was the only person to respond to the quiz.

I had a few alternative versions in mind. Here's one:

Contortionist with Sweety the Puppy. Raj Kamal Circus, Upleta, 1989
Mary Ellen Mark

Mt. Rushmore from the backside, via Google image search

Mt. Rushmore (Jefferson's face second from left), via Google image search

Another version:

Mary Ellen Mark holding camera by Martin Bell

Origami dollar camera via Google search

Two dollar bill (Jefferson portrait)

The pillbox hat connection:

Tiny in pillbox hat and veil, 1983, Mary Ellen Mark

Jackie Kennedy mourning in pillbox hat and veil, 1963, Elliott Erwitt

Jackie Kennedy and family with Capitol steps and columns, 1963, photographer unknown

Wedding party with Jefferson Memorial steps and columns, via Google image search

Thomas Jefferson Memorial statue, photographer unknown

Finally, there's the one-step:

Mary Ellen Mark by Michael Underwood;
Thomas Jefferson by Rembrandt Peale

Next challenge: Photographically connect Muhammad Ali with the Berlin Wall


AlexM said...[zoom]=in

Berliner Mauer by Thomas Billhard

Muhammad Ali by Thomas Hoepker

Blake Andrews said...

Clever. Extra points for using wellknown images.

Anonymous said...

That last photo of Mary Ellen Mark is actually a rare photo of George Washington in drag.
Nice find Andrews!

فيس بوك said...

that photo called Origami dollar camera via Google search
is fantastic