Monday, May 11, 2015

Weekend In Seattle

George drives. 
Arctic Club Hotel.
Shoot shoot shoot. A's lose. Shit. 
Ilse Bing show at The Henry. Lame.
Sleep. Alki Point. Shoot shoot. 
Shoot on foot or from passenger seat.
Shoot white dog leaning out of a car in the next lane ov— SCREEEIIIKK!
George's car may be totaled. Gets it towed to a shop. Bus back downtown.
Wonderful light. Shoot shoot shoot.
Tight band in a Ballard bar. Guitarist on fire.
Sleep. Shoot. Shoot. 
George's drink, 6 pm daily: Jameson's neat with pilsner chaser. 
Mine: Beers. Any.
Carless. Amtrak South. Sleep.
"Attention passengers, we will be arriving in Portland in just a few minutes."
"Attention passengers, we have just hit a trespasser."
Wait, whadhesay? We hit someone? 
Yup. Gotta investigate. Necks craned. Is that a leg? Shoot.
Long delay. Paramedics. Cops. Stuck.
Bus to George's. Pick up my car. 8 pm. South...
Flat. 70 mph traffic. 10 pm. No flashlight. Tire change by feel. Shoot. 
Home this morning. Sleep.
Promising Negs.


Sascha L. said...

Wow. What a weekend! I hope you'll show some of the stuff you shot that weekend on this blog in some time.

Giovanni said...

That was one hell of a ride.

Unknown said...

I've thought about the CLE for many years now. But my M6 is still working. And I like point-and-shoots even more.