Friday, January 17, 2014

Virtually Uncommon

Stephen Shore is an inviting target for GSV junkies. Not only are many of his best-known photographs labeled with precise address and date, his photos are so deadpan in their original state that they remind one of Street View. Rephotography is tempting, and all the info is there. It's just a matter of taking the time to investigate. I've made a few precursory stabs here, here, and here, as have Dalton Rooney and Kip Praslowicz.

But these are baby steps compared to Christian Storm's new Tumblr, Virtually Uncommon, the site whose subtitle says it all: Rephotographing Stephen Shore's Uncommon Places using Google Street View. Just a few days old, Storm has 60 posts up already, with GSV Shore scenes followed by links to the original photos. A labor of love worth checking out.

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GaryS said...

My son and I used to play a rainy day game where we would look through photo books and then try to locate photo sites on GSV. The fun is in the ones that require some work. Try "Santa Barbara" by Henry Wessel or this Walker Evans...