Saturday, January 4, 2014

Veni Weedy Vici

When Colorado recently enacted the nation's first legalized marijuana system, I was curious to see how things looked on the ground. So on January 1, 2014, I took a short trip to Denver. Photos and commentary below.

A view from the plane. Weird smoke hanging over the downtown.

Another shot from the plane, just after landing. More weird smoke everywhere.

This is a mural at the airport. It's right next to a shop selling marijuana. Hey, when in Rome...

When I walked by the mural again it looked more like this.

The Denver Airport is trippy, man. Here's the pointy roof as seen during a little walk I took in this cool field. Couldn't quite get the focus. I guess you're not supposed to walk near the tarmac but how was I supposed to know? Until that guy yelled at me. I mean, chill bro. It's all good.

The roofline reminded me of pizza so I went back inside and found a slice. I must've taken 50 photos of this before I ate. Then I ordered 4 more. Have you ever really studied pizza?

Here's a photo of... oh wait, forgot to take the lens cap off.

This was on the cab ride to downtown. I forget where this was but isn't this cool looking? It's like Monet or something. But with Bob Marley's face. Do you see it?

Things got really awesome when I switched to black and white mode. I'm not sure it comes across in this photo but these people were moving super fast. 

Here's...No wait. Darn. Lens cap again.

Finally made it downtown. Back to color because it's awesome. Here's a shot of a huge dome building. Sorry about the shake, my camera was being really weird. The flag reminds me of a movie I saw once. Can't remember the name. Or what it was about. Something about three flags. Three flag day or flag dream or I forget. But anyway the dome was awesome.

Then I found this fir tree and we became like best friends. I shot like mega photos of it but I think this one is the best. Because it's the most real.

But if you want the honest truth it looked more like this. It looked like a giant bud, dude! And it was glowing, no shit!

Not much to say about the rest of the trip. Can't remember much. I wandered around for another day. There's tons of good munchies in Denver. 

Here's a shot from the cab back to the airport. It was pretty smokey there. Didn't really see the sky the whole trip. But it sure smelled good.


Hernan Zenteno said...

You must do a plan to trip to Uruguay to see if the photos you will get look similar of those of Colorado

microcord said...

Hernan, Blake has already tripped to Uruguay:

(Yes, this is the subtly Japanese version of the Uruguayan trip.)

I might speculate on the advice he gave to Uruguayan legislators while he was there, but the NSA will be watching this thread and therefore I shall refrain.

Blake Andrews said...

Hernan, as I explained in the 2013 year end post, I will travel to any destination which offers me a venue to show photos and a couch to sleep on. If you can organize those things, I would be glad to come to Uruguay.

Hernan Zenteno said...

Sorry, I was busy doing photos for others, yeah, prostitution photography. But this don´t allow me to go to Uruguay in spite they are very close. And I have not friends there to hook them with you. I heard that they are selling plants but there a beer is three or four times the cost of Argentina, our pesos are very devaluated. Maybe some uruguayo is reading and can help. Anyone there?