Wednesday, September 28, 2011

First Greek/Last Week... Coveree

Results have been tabulated from last week's Album Cover Quiz. The winner is Alexandros Konstantinakis-Karmis of Greece with 33 out of a possible 48 points. If the name sounds familiar it may be because Alexandros (aka AKK) also won the first Cover Quiz last September. Congrats to him, and thanks to everyone who submitted entries. Complete results (at least to the best of my knowledge) below:

Couple d'amoureux, Rue Croulebarbe, Quarter Italie, 1931, Brassai

Pirates, Rickie Lee Jones

Diving Board, Salton Sea, 1983, Richard Misrach

1984-1989, Lloyd Cole and the Commotions

from the series Almost Grown, 1978, Joe Szabo

People, The Golden Republic

from Storyville Portraits, 1912, E. J. Bellocq

Dogeared, Vomit Launch

Madonna, 1987, Herb Ritts

The Whitey Album, Ciccone Youth

40 rue Cortambert à Paris; Boboutte – Louis – Robert – Zissou, 1903, Jacques - Henri Lartigue

The Children (Eponymous)

Braque in his studio, 1954, Mariette Lachaud

Free As a Bird, Supertramp

Weeki Wachee Spring, FL, 1947, Toni Frissell

Undercurrent, Bill Evans and Jim Hall

Kazuo Ohno, 1977, Naoya Ikegami

The Crying Light, Antony and the Johnsons

Hustler cover, 1976, James Baes

Amorica, The Black Crowes

Appiani family tomb, Cimitero Monumentale di Staglieno, Genoa, Italy, 1978, Bernard Pierre Wolff

Closer, Joy Division

Rwanda, date unknown, Daniella Delli
(note: slightly different frame from record cover)

Kigali Y' Izahabu, The Good Ones

Skyland Outing, Virginia, 1895, George Pollock

De Ole Folks at Home, Taj Mahal

Half Dome, Merced River, Winter, Yosemite, 1938, Ansel Adams

December Morning, Tim Janis

Bricklayer, 1928, August Sander

The Burdens of Being Upright, Tracy Bonham

Bread Line during the Louisville flood, Kentucky, 1937
Margaret Bourke-White

There's No Place Like America Today, Curtis Mayfield


Hernan Zenteno said...

Hey, congratulations to the winner. I have a very busy weeks last time. I can't post for myself and obviously reply other posts. But I like this game cause I love photos and music. I knew a few from the start but I impressed by the all the others. A side comment, the one about Sanders photo is not a clean game. Common. Is another photo mimic it. I will have some time soon, I hope, I will try to listen the authors I don't know. Cheers from Buenos Aires.

Blake Andrews said...

About the Sander photo, I know it's not the exact photo used on the album and that was made clear in how that number question was phrased.

About music and photography, one of my running theories, along with the idea that all photographers are packrats, is that all photographers are serious audiophiles, or at least more serious than the average non-photographer. It's an untested theory. All I know is that for some reason all of my photographer friends have very very dense music collections and are committed listeners.

Eric Kim's recent interview with Alex Majoli touched on this briefly. Majoli (a serious audiophile) said that both music and photography appeal to him because they communicate without text or words. Which is a possible explanation. Or not.

Anonymous said...

Your theory is based upon anecdotal evidence, which should be avoided. It can be tested but the experimental design needs a lot of work. You can start by not using the word ALL. I have photographer friends who are not serious music fans so that disproves your theory as it is currently stated.

Richard Greenleaf said...

You're confusing photographers with hipsters Blake.

Hernan Zenteno said...

Hey Blake and other readers. I know a lot of colleagues that are serious audiophiles and some are musicians themselves. I have the fantasy to learn to play a trumpet when I retired from the job. If I win the lotto would be good to spend my entire life drinking, chating, taking street photos and learning to play the trumpet. Anyway, I knew a few colleagues that have very bad taste with music and usually they prefer to do other manual things like joinery. But for most of all I know all of us only want to do nothing, joke, :)

Blake Andrews said...

Well as I said in the comment, it's a running theory, as yet untested. But as a theory I think it sounds more provocative with the word all, as opposed to say most photographers or 6 out of 10 surveyed or something. Another running theory I have is that all comments made anonymously carry less weight than they otherwise would with name attached.

Anonymous said...

Is it that anonymous comments in general carry less weight, or contrary anonymous comments that fit your theory? I'm sorry but I had a bad internet encounter with a nutcase a number of years ago so I NEVER use my real name. In future I'll just make up an alias, as some of the others do. It still doesn't change the fact that your theory needs some work. I think it should be lowered to a 'personal observation'.

DDVallejo said...

uhmm the nº12 very dinamic, I love it! the final cover.